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Rikki Jai & The Jaimastarz

“Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy. Human beings have the awesome ability to take any experience of their lives and create a meaning that disempowers them or one that can literally save their lives.” TONY ROBBINS


Don't miss a beat with the latest chutney and soca news, industry headlines and breaking news about the Chutney King Of The World - Rikki Jai. Get all the reviews for the latest songs by the Jaimaster himself.


Over the years he has successfully created his own brand and is now synonymous with chutney soca music locally, regionally and internationally. A national icon in all rights, Rikki Jai maintains a very humble but professional approach to his craft, proving that it is possible to have a long and active career in music here in Trinidad and Tobago without becoming complacent or caught up in mediocrity and blinded by the limelight.


Rikki Jai and the Jaimasters is a versatile band which will be enjoyed by persons of all ages, races, classes and musical preferences. It is a band for all people and through the power of music will bring people together. Dedication, determination, drive and discipline, are the tenets which have aided in the individual accomplishments of each member of the band.

  • 13 January


    Guaracara Park, Point A Pierre

  • 19 January


    Queen's Hall, Saint Ann's

  • 20 January


    Center Of Excellence

  • 03 February


    Stay Tuned For More Info


Rikki Jai and the Jaimasters is an alternative band which specialises in all genres of music from traditional chutney, to chutney soca, soca, calypso and everything in between. The team is excited about the prospects of taking Trinidad and Tobago’s music to the World. SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL and you can follow our every journey


Rikki Jai (Samraj Jaimungal) is one of the most enduring, adventurous and understated entertainers in Trinidad & Tobago music. For 25 years he has moved between the country’s dominant musical genres: calypso, chutney, soca, and Indian soca, winning awards, encores and competitions. From 1988, when he debuted with the modern calypso classic “Sumintra”, to 2011, when he won the inaugural TT$2 million prize in the Chutney Soca competition with the controversial “White Oak and Water”, he has served as a barometer for Indian/African racialised politics in Trinidad & Tobago’s uniquely heterogeneous society, which is dominated by these two ethnic groups.

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The number one chutney soca artiste for over two decades brings to you the band, Rikki Jai and the Jaimasters. This highly acclaimed band will specialise in all genres of music relevant to the audience and will showcase the versatility that we have come to know and love from Rikki Jai. Your sponsorship of Rikki Jai and the Jaimasters will aid in the funding of the band to purchase necessary equipment among other things, and not only will there be benefits to the band but there are many incentives to be attained by your company. It would be a great pleasure to have your company associated with this milestone, on which Rikki Jai is about to embark.

With a track record like Rikki Jai’s, the band hopes to instil in your company a level of comfort and confidence in the knowledge that the band will operate with the same zeal and enthusiasm as Rikki Jai does in his solo career. He believes that it is now time to do what he has always wanted to do for so long. It is time to introduce the world to Rikki Jai and the Jaimasters.


Rikki Jai and the Jaimasters is confident in the talents and skills of the Jaimasterz and trusts that this band can be as successful as the individuals associated with it. Rikki Jai is committed to ensuring the success of the band. It is an exciting time in his career and another momentous occasion in his life as a performing artiste.